We have for many years published the firm’s 5 year business plan on the firms website. We encourage clients, colleagues and business partners to engage with what we are trying to achieve and indeed give feedback as to how we could improve.

We set out below our core values, objectives, and ambitions all of which are discussed in detail in our 5 Year Business plan available here.

The Yorkshire Law Firm

At the heart of all that we do is our belief in the delivery of quality services by individuals to individuals. We are honest, straightforward, robust and responsive to change. We believe in value for money and transparency. We treat our clients and colleagues with fairness and respect. To our mind these are all very ‘Yorkshire’ qualities.

What Are The Ison Harrison Values?

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Our Purpose


Ison Harrison is a 100% employee-owned law firm putting our people and clients at the heart of what we do.
We always provide a professional, expert service with a friendly approach that you can trust.
We offer the widest range of legal services delivered via our growing network of branch offices to both individuals and businesses from Yorkshire and beyond.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a large, accessible, energetic and successful law firm that puts our people and our clients at the heart of everything we do.

As a law firm we aim to offer the widest range of legal services across the greatest number of locations across Yorkshire.  Our diverse range of services means that we are always there for clients at key points in their lives.  We help them move home, resolve disputes, attend court, bring a claim, prepare for old age or deal with losing a loved one.

We are local, friendly, affordable, consistent and supportive. We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and understand what matters most to people, so that we can provide straightforward, and practical advice to help them achieve the right result, whatever their circumstances.

We are a 100% employee owned business. Everyone at the firm is recognised for the contribution they make to the firm’s success, and as stakeholders in the firm are directly invested in its success and future.