Accessibility means different things to different people. We have tried to make our services as accessible as possible . How?

Local offices

One of the main reasons behind our commitment to having so many offices across the region is to help make our services as accessible as possible for everyone.

Home visits

We are more than happy to make arrangements to meet with you at your
home. Simply ask and we’ll say if we can.

Disabled access at our offices

Whilst not all of our offices have suitable wheelchair access our offices at Garforth, Pudsey, Barnsley, York and Otley do. If any of these offices re convenient for you then please let us know if you would prefer to meet at one of our offices rather than having a home visit.

Choose how you want to communicate with us

Some clients like e-mail. Some prefer the telephone. Others would rather receive letters. Please let us know what you would prefer. We’ll do it your way.

Communicating with the hard of hearing

If you are hard of hearing we are able to make reasonable adjustments to assist in our communication. We don’t want to make assumptions how – please let us know what would help.

Communicating with the blind and partially sighted

If you are blind or partially sighted then we are able to make reasonable adjustments to how we communicate with you. We don’t want to make assumptions as to how – please let us know what would help.

Communicating in different languages

Amongst our team we have a number of people who are able to communicate in other languages. If we can’t accommodate your preferred language then we can always arrange for an interpreter to attend at meetings etc. although you ought to be aware that there would inevitably be a cost to this which we would pass on to you.

Keeping it simple

We speak and write in simple English. We hope that the way in which we come across on our website reflects this.

Breadth of services and funding options

To be truly accessible we feel that we need to offer as many services and finding options to clients as we can. We are a rare breed in providing commercial services alongside traditionally legally aided work. However, we would hardly be accessible if we started turning people away because we didn’t have access to all funding options.

Website – Live chat and email enquiries

You will see on the website that we have a live chat and online enquiry facility. This is operable day and night.

Website – information, news, blogs and videos

When putting our website together we made a conscious decision to try to put on the site as much information and news as we could and to share blogs and videos relating to what we do. There is loads of information on the website which can be accessed in different media formats. We wanted to help make law more accessible for people and share some of the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the years. If you feel people would benefit from reading an article on a particular subject, seeing a video about a particular aspect of our work or more specific information about what is involved in dealing with us or the law then we would be delighted to hear from you with any suggestions that you may have.

Transparency reflects accessibility

The way in which we have put the content of our website together and in publishing our 5 year business plan on the site, we would like to think that we might come across as being more transparent, open and accessible than many other law firms. The fact is, we are!