Help Us Improve – Or Tell Us That We Are Great!

We all need feedback.  How would we know if we are doing things right, or indeed if we could do things better?

If you wish to send us feedback about our services, please email us at


Whilst no firm welcomes complaints we recognise that sometimes a client’s experience of a law firm or individual has not been a good one. This may result in the client wishing to highlight this on a feedback form or in lodging a formal complaint.

We take complaints seriously

If you wish to make a formal complaint then please follow the procedure set out below. You will see that in the first instance we invite you to contact the head of the department with whom you have been dealing.  Our customer service team is responsible for dealing with complaints. The contact details can be located within the below ‘Ison Harrison Complaints Handling Policy.’

How to make a complaint

  1. Lodge complaint by telephone, letter or e-mail to department manager.
  2. Department manager shall consider the nature of the complaint.
  3. Unjustified and justified (minor) complaints shall be dealt with at department manager level.
  4. Justified (serious) and actionable complaints shall be referred to the Customer Service Team (overseen by Jenny Bland, Head of Property departments)
    1. If department manager is unavailable then complaints should be referred to the Customer Service Team (the team responsible for dealing with complaints).
    2. If the Customer Service Team is not able to deal with the complaint to your satisfaction then the matter should then be referred to Jonathan Wearing, Managing Director.
  5. Complaints shall be dealt with in a courteous, prompt and proportionate manner and in accordance with the complaints protocol.

Download – Ison Harrison Complaints Handling Policy