An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), also known as an Employee-Owned Business, is a company structure that benefits all employees through indirect ownership of shares. The business is owned by a Trust, which requires ethical and employee-centric management practices and exceptional client care.

Ison Harrison, the Yorkshire law firm, has adopted this model of business, reaping benefits such as improved performance, innovation, employee engagement, loyalty, and commitment. The firm believes that rewarding everyone equally when the company performs well is vital in building a trusted and robust organization. Each employee plays a crucial role in the success story of Ison Harrison.

For clients, the adoption of an employee-owned business structure means the same high level of client care and legal advice with a more collaborative and forward-thinking approach from the firm’s experts. Being part of an employee-owned business gives teams an opportunity to lead by ideas and results, as well as sharing in the financial successes of the firm.

Ison Harrison is among the first 100% employee-owned law firms in the UK, aiming to lead by example and create a workplace where every employee feels valued and part of something they can influence and benefit from personally. The management structure has also evolved, with five new directors appointed in line with the move to an employee-owned structure.

The three former owners continue as directors, with Jonathan Wearing remaining as Managing Director, Richard Timperley as Finance Director, and Dominic Mackenzie as Head of Private Client.

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