Entry Clearance Visa Services

Whether you’re looking to visit the United Kingdom for a short time or hoping to stay permanently, we can provide you with advice on the right application for you and how to succeed with it.

If you’re looking for help with an application for study or work, please click here to go to our section about the Points Based System.

If you’re looking to have a relative join you in the United Kingdom, we are experienced in making applications for a husband/wife, fiancé, child or other family members, both with helping you deal with the new online application system and with putting together the papers you’ll need to be successful.

Apart from where there are added complications such as self-employment, we can usually offer a fixed fee of £850 for most people but contact us for a free first appointment, where we can help you choose the right application to make and advise you on how best to make it.

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The head of the Immigration department is Ben Davison.

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