Simon Helliwell in our Personal Injury department recently achieved a settlement in the sum of £850,000.00 for a client who suffered substantial Orthopaedic Injuries.

Simon’s client was driving home for lunch and was hit head on by a third party motorist.

The accident scene, rescue and initial treatment were all broadcast on the Real A&E Helicopter Rescue television programme.

Ambulance Helicopter

Virtually every bone was broken in Simon’s client’s lower body along with significant fractures to the ribs. The treating surgeons commented in the television programme that this was the worst Orthopaedic injury they had come across.

The Orthopaedic surgeon who operated, nicknamed him “Iron Man”, given the extent of the metalwork inserted and remaining in his lower limbs. Simon’s client showed true strength and resilience to push himself through the pain barrier and return to work as quickly as he could; despite his obvious discomfort he continued to work. For someone to suffer from such extensive injuries, it would be likely (and fully warranted) that they may not return to work for a considerable amount of time, but not for Simon’s client, not for “Iron Man”.

The case settled at a Joint Settlement Meeting between the parties. The Defendant insurers, to their credit, offered an enhanced general damages offer to reflect what Simon’s client had been through. They also asked to meet Simon’s client following the agreement to wish him well – which was a nice touch.

Simon was full of admiration of his client, commenting “Each time we met, my client was extremely up-beat and amenable. Despite his injuries, he always had a smile on his face. It was as an absolute pleasure representing my client and I wish him all the very best for the future.”.

Simon’s client added “I would like to thank Simon Helliwell for overseeing the case. It was never going to be a straightforward task but he was always very friendly and approachable. He was able to secure the very best of results and I’m convinced that this was achieved due to his knowledge and professionalism. Thanks again,
‘Iron man’

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