This year is a very special one for the firm, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. With this in mind, staff were asked to put pen to paper for a different reason to usual- a friendly poetry competition. The winning entry, written by our Ilkley-based Clinical Negligence expert Geraldine Kane, is below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

An Ode to Ison Harrison

We’ve been on the go for at least 40 years,

In fact some would say even longer.

Helping our Clients through laughter and tears

And each year we keep getting stronger.

We practise the Law without fanfare or fuss,

But maybe we should look to change that.

So let me tell you a bit about us,

You decide if it’s bouquets or brick bats.

We’re Ison Harrison, ‘The Leeds Law Firm’,

But our network does spread so much wider.

Perhaps we should say we’re The Yorkshire Law Firm

Because we’re a bit like a spider.

From our central Leeds hub we spread out our arms

To take in the whole of the region.

From suburbs and towns to hamlets and farms,

Our Client base truly is legion.

From Cas. representing our southernmost reach

To the Ilkley branch in the North

We spread West and East (but not quite to the beach!)

And cherish our oldest – Gar-forth.

We Ison H bods are a passionate lot

And each Client matters so dearly,

So with each ‘t’ we cross and each ‘i’ we dot,

We try to impart advice clearly.

And as we gather at this time of year

To see how the business is doing,

Let’s raise up our glasses and say with good cheer

Keep changing and keep on improving”!

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