Until now, the certificates have not been necessary for short holiday lets where there is no intention to create a tenancy.

That will change on 30th June when certificates will be needed for holiday homes which are let for four months or more in any 12-month period. This total can be made up of several very short term lets of a week or less.

Ministers have decided that holiday homes should be brought into line with other residential and commercial properties. It means that landlords must obtain a certificate before the home is rented out.

The new rule only applies to buildings and doesn’t include caravans, tents and mobile homes. A building for the purposes of the certificates is defined as ‘a roofed construction having walls for which energy is used to condition the indoor environment’.

This would also include a part of a building such as a self-contained flat. The penalty for non-compliance is £200 per holiday home.

Smaller firms or individuals who let out just one holiday home on a part time basis could be caught out by the change and should ensure that they comply as soon as possible.

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