Providing quality Family law services is crucial at Ison Harrison, and our Pudsey branch is no exception. Nigel Monaghan, who has over 30 years’ experience in dealing with all aspects of Family law, understands how important it can be to obtain early advice from a trustworthy professional.

Understanding Family Law

At Ison Harrison, we understand that emotional, financial and legal changes occur differently in every relationship. Nigel believes that successfully dealing with family law cases requires patience, understanding and professionalism at all times- treating each case as unique is at the heart of his approach.

At our Pudsey branch, we regularly offer advice on:

  • Marital issues – divorce, separation, annulment; understanding the process and timescales, advice on costs, how to negotiate and reach agreements, the legal process involving children or dependents, property, money and the estate;
  • Children – contact and residence matters, including disputes;
  • Co-habiting and civil partnerships – legal advice for un-married couples and civil partnerships, how to draw up an agreement over children and dependents and to share and distribute assets, finances, property
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements – legal agreements and discussing the implications of breakdown;
  • Specialist family law advice – on grandparents, child abduction, child care, domestic violence and international family law.

Our aims

The main aim of family law is to reach an agreement that prevents the participants having to go to court; this is costly, time-consuming and adds further emotional strain to a situation that will already be problematic and challenging. We always approach cases sensitively, taking all circumstances into account.

Ison Harrison ensure that communication and client care are key- we work to understand circumstances, relationships and overall aims before offering advice and working out a way forward that is acceptable. We will listen to your situation carefully and considerately, tailoring our advice and approach to suit your individual needs.

If you live in the Pudsey area and have family law issues that you need sympathetic, confidential and professional help with, please do visit our office on Lidget Hill or call 0113 468 0930 and Nigel will be pleased to help.

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