Our Head of Personal Injury and Inquest Law, Gareth Naylor, recently took part in an outdoor challenge to help raise money for Little Hiccups, a local Leeds based charity and support group that helps families and children with additional needs and disabilities.

Little Hiccups is an important charity for Ison Harrison and we have worked closely with them for many years, holding events and raising money (such as our recent Yorkshire Law Firm Challenge campaign) to help the charity continue the great work they do.

This time, it’s even more personal though.

Gareth has a son, Jenson, who has non-verbal autism. At only 4 years old, Jenson is unable to communicate with his brothers but Little Hiccups has been a lifeline for Gareth and his family, providing information, emotional and practical support and access to family fun days and events with other Little Hiccups families.

The family decided to take part in Total Warrior – the great Northern mud run – which involves a 12K series of obstacles and muddy runs which is not for the faint hearted! Gareth’s older sons decided to take part in the Junior Warrior, a lighter version of the course which covers a distance of 3K.

Gareth explains:

“We wanted to give something back to Little Hiccups, as a thank you for their support to us through difficult – but rewarding – times.

Little Hiccups have also helped organise fun days for children like Jenson, which is a great way for the children to be able to be themselves in a safe and fun environment.”

Taking part in Total Warrior as a family has been a great experience for the Naylor’s, but it’s Gareth’s two eldest sons that have been really inspiring with their desire to take on the challenge.

“The boys have learnt to understand and accept Jenson’s differences and they were really keen to support Little Hiccups along with us, so the Junior Warrior was perfect for them. We’re really proud that they wanted to be involved.”

The family’s participation in the Total Warrior event helped to raise £331 for Little Hiccups and they are delighted to have been able to help a local charity that has helped them so much.

Together, we hope to continue to raise money for Little Hiccups and support their work for the long-term.

You can find out more about Little Hiccups on their website here.

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