Needing a lawyer isn’t something you’re likely to consider often.

You may find that legal services are rarely required as you make your way through life’s ups and downs, and that’s great if so. But sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need extra support. That’s why we’re here to help.

At Ison Harrison, our 45+ years of experience means we are often the first point of contact for people during changing times. It could be something really exciting, such as buying your first home or starting a new business, or it could be something quite sensitive and emotionally challenging, such as going through a divorce or applying for probate.

Our new campaign aims to offer reassurance and empowerment to anyone who finds themself in a situation that needs a bit of extra support.

“You’ll Know When It’s Time” refers to that moment when you realise you can’t do this alone and you’re ready to take that first step forward. Even when it feels like you may be moving backwards, when you have the right legal support by your side, you will always move forward and help to create change.

Our campaign highlights different scenarios of when people may need us, from taking that step to protect your family with a child arrangement order to standing up and reporting the discrimination at work.

You know when it's time - business growth

You know when it's time - wills and probate

You know when it's time - divorce and seperation

We are dedicated to helping people achieve the desired outcome they are looking for, and you’ll know when it’s time to contact us.

Our Legal Services

At Ison Harrison, we offer a full range of legal services for you and your business. As local solicitors with 19 branches in Yorkshire, we’re there with you through the highs and the lows of life, whenever you may need us.

From personal injury to employment law, and business start-ups to commercial property, we are your trusted local law firm. We are also 100% employee-owned which means we are all dedicated to delivering an exceptional service to our clients, no matter how big or small your matter may be.

If you are currently going through a challenging time or simply want a bit of advice, you’ll know when it’s time to contact Ison Harrison.

For more information, please call 0113 284 5000 to speak to a member of our team.

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