A local school in Mirfield, which has been publicised in the Daily Mail and the Mirror following claims that Muslim pupils were forced to pray outside, has required the assistance and expertise of a top solicitor at our Leeds law firm to help the parents and children of those affected.

Yunus Lunat, an employment law specialist with 15 years’ experience, has been handling the legal case on behalf of a number of families whose pupils attend the grammar school. The families allege that a number of children were forced to pray in the rain and cold, kneeling in the playgrounds, and being openly refused permission to pray indoors.

Whilst the legal case is currently ongoing and more details cannot be published at this stage, Yunus is working hard to help the parents and children of Mirfield Free Grammar School with a situation that has reportedly been ongoing since 2014.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Yunus said:

“The families have tried to solve this amicably with the school for over a year now. They have come to me as a last resort. The students are not asking for anything that is outside the scope of the law. If I was an employer that is what I’d be questioning – the children’s welfare”.

With many of the pupils at the school preparing for their GCSE and A-level exams, Yunus believes the school’s behaviour is not conducive to productivity at such a crucial time in a child’s life. He said:

“They are not getting the best preparation possible and parents are concerned at the possible effect on results.”

Read more about Yunus Lunat’s role at Ison Harrison here.

Read the full Daily Mail article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3342537/Parents-legal-action-school-forced-Muslims-pray-OUTSIDE.html

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