Ison Harrison are sponsoring an award at the annual gathering of Young Heroes in the city of Leeds; the Radio Aire Young Heroes Awards 2017.

The event takes place at the Clayton Hotel in Leeds on 21st September 2017, and the aim of the awards is to celebrate all the fantastic young people in the city, and highlight a lot of unsung heroes and their great work and achievements that don’t always get recognised. People are used to awards shows featuring famous celebrities and wall-to-wall glamour, but perhaps more important in the big scheme of things are these kind of awards shows. These are the ones that recognise everyday people and the amazing personal battles they sometimes have to overcome to achieve things.

Why the awards are so special

Many people have left the Young Heroes Awards with wonderful memories of the stories they have heard and the people they have met, and the awards are a great way of bringing together some heart-warming tales and celebrating some positive things in life.

The different categories of awards include:

  • Sports Achievement Award
  • Talent Award
  • Cash For Kids Child Of Courage Award
  • Charity Fundraiser Award
  • Student of the Year
  • Young Carer of the Year
  • Young Community Champion Award
  • Young Achiever
  • Superhero Award

Awards events such as this aim to inspire young people to better themselves and make the most of opportunities, but also to do good, positive things and understand the benefits and implications of them. Some of the stories heard each year are truly memorable, and it is fantastic when you hear how they motivate other young people to start a project or carry on with something they were looking to give up. The moral is that you never know where it might lead you, and one day this could be you receiving an award.

The Child of Courage Award

Ison Harrison are sponsoring the Child of Courage Award in 2017, and this is to be awarded to somebody who has “overcome obstacles in their life by being extremely brave and determined, with an inspirational positive attitude.” Do you know a young person who deserves this award? You might live next door to someone who deserves to be recognised in this way, or they might be your child’s friend or just somebody who helped you one day.  It could be anyone, and the only criteria is that they deserve it. All the categories are open now for people to make their nominations, so get involved and make sure these special people get the recognition they deserve.

We have a table of eight booked for the awards night on 21st September and it is safe to say that by the end of the night after all the awards are given out and all the amazing and unique stories have been told, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Ready to vote? Click here to nominate!

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