In most industries, employees are the determinants of a productive, successful company. In the next session of our popular Law Club Law CLub Live seminars, we will be focusing on the risks, responsibilities and rewards of Employment, that will lead to a greater understanding of what most firms would consider their most prized asset.

The seminar will host a variety of guest speakers covering both legal and non-legal issues. We have invited one of our Employment lawyers along with two guest speakers to talk to you about their areas of expertise.

In no particular order the speakers are….

William Eddison
Dale Eddison Estate Agents

William will be discussing the components of a successful management platform for employees. With particular focus on the rewards
of employment, he will draw upon his experience of running Dale Eddison Estate agents, who have won several prestigious awards in the last few years, including Best Small Chain in the UK – something William attributes to his driven, enthusiastic workforce.

Ben Hanney
Health & Safety Advisor

Ben will talk about the responsibilities of employers to ensure safe and effective working environments – and the techniques that can be employed in order to get the most out of your staff.

Yunus Lunat
Ison Harrison

Yunus will discuss the risks of employment – focussing on when things go wrong and when the ‘bad apples’ of the workforce come to light. Issues relating to theft of data, defamation and intellectual property will be discussed, advising on how such issues should be addressed.

Jonathan Wearing
Ison Harrison

Concluding the session, Jonathan will draw upon cases that Ison Harrison
have come across that relate to the issues that have been discussed.

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