The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 gives local authorities more discretionary power to restrict the sale of alcohol. They will also be able to make late night bars help with the cost of cleaning up and policing the effects of excessive drinking.

Alcohol related crime and disorder costs the country £11billion a year.

From 31st October local authorities will have the discretion to:

  • Charge a levy for late night licences to contribute to
    the costs linked to late night drinking, such as extra policing and street cleaning.
  • Introduce an Early Morning Restriction Order to
    restrict the sale of alcohol between midnight and 6am.

Home Office figures reveal that 44% of all violent crime is carried out by people under the influence of a
lcohol, and 67% of violent incidents occur in the evening.

Minister for Crime Prevention Jeremy Browne said: “These measures are not about stopping responsible drinking but designed to tackle the minority who cause alcohol-related crime and disorder in our local communities.”

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