Today it has been publicised that over £1bn was paid last year by the NHS in compensation to families of babies who died or were left with serious brain injuries due to negligence during childbirth. Over the last decade this sum has been increased by over £488 million.

Figures that were obtained by the Times from the NHS Litigation Authority show that 1,316 claims of negligence were made to maternity units last year. A separate study that was conducted by the University of Leicester found that six in every 1,000 babies born in the UK are stillborn or die soon after birth.

Nancy Fairbairn, Head of Clinical Negligence at Ison Harrison Solicitors, says, “It is worrying that rates of infant deaths and injury in England continue to be worse than in many parts of the rest of Europe. It is essential that urgent steps are taken to improve the care provided in maternity units. I act on behalf of children who have suffered serious brain injury as a result of substandard care during their delivery and understand the impact their disability will have on them and their families. We work to ensure that sufficient compensation is obtained to meet their lifelong care, therapy and accommodation needs.”

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