The number of sex discrimination claims has risen over the last two years. There were 13,700 cases in 2013 compared with 10,700 in 2012.

Research from the Times newspaper shows that they now make up 55% of all discrimination claims, whereas they made up just over 33% two years ago. Sex discrimination claims are now the highest growing area of workplace law.

It comes at a time when the number of other employment claims has fallen, following the introduction of fees for bringing a case before a tribunal.

Unfair dismissal claims are down 80%.

Discrimination claims cost £1,200 to proceed to a hearing. This has forced people to think carefully about whether they can afford to lose the claim, or whether it is worth the risk.

There is also a compensation limit of £76,574 or a year’s pay – whichever is lower – for unfair dismissal claims.

Breach of contract claims are limited to £25,000 compensation.

However, there is no maximum pay-out for a sex discrimination claim. It’s thought that in these cases employees still think the reward could be worth the risk of paying a fee.

We can offer no win no fee arrangements in suitable cases to help bring your case to Tribunal.

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