If you have had your shotgun or firearm license revoked or have had an application for a certificate refused Ison Harrison Solicitors are here to help.

Ison Harrison has experience in representing people who have had has firearm or shotgun certificates revoked.

If you have had a firearm/shotgun firearm certificate refused or revoked we can provide you with constructive legal advice in relation to your individual circumstances and being an Higher Court Advocate – we have a wealth of experience in representing clients at hearings. For further information of why your application might be refused or why your license might be revoked click here.

As such, not only will we build your case for you, he will also represent you at any hearing you may need to attend; ensuring that your case is put forward in the most concise and constructive manner possible.

Click on one of these links for more information relating to revocations or appeals.

Below we take a look at some key statistics relating to shotgun and firearm licensing. (Yearly figures ending 31 March 2016).

Firearm Certificates

  • Number of new applications: 9,755
  • Number of new applications refused: 221
  • Number of certificates revoked: 396

Shotgun Certificates

  • Number of new applications: 22,596
  • Number of new applications refused: 712
  • Number of certificates revoked: 1,349

The number of new firearm certificate applications refused this year was the highest number of applications refused since 1990.

The number of new shotgun certificate applications refused this year was the highest number of applications refused since 1983.

If you wish to discuss the circumstances of your case please contact Ison Harrison on 0113 284 5000.

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