On 18th October, we took part in #ErbsPalsyAwarenessWeek, an annual event to help raise awareness and understanding about Erb’s Palsy. Every year we share articles and advice across our social media channels. This year, we decided to go one step further and also run a campaign to find #ErbsPalsyHeroes.

Collaborating with The Erb’s Palsy Group, we set up a nomination page and started the search for inspirational children who have Erb’s Palsy, with the intention of us being able to recognise each child’s achievements on social media and show that every child is a hero, regardless of their injury.

We were overwhelmed with the responses and heartfelt stories we received, with parents nominating their children and telling us how special they are.

As part of the campaign, we ran a competition where one lucky nomination would receive a family pass to Alton Towers! Today, we are delighted to announce the winner – Jacob, age 11.

Jacob Erb's Palsy Hero

Jacob was nominated by his mum who said he is a determined and happy boy, who hasn’t let his disability stop him with any of his achievements. He loves sport and plays football 3 times a week.

Jacob has had 2 operations in the last 3 years and is due to have a third operation soon. He has a positive attitude to everything and always aims to improve to better himself.

Well done Jacob!

Of course, every entry we had for the #ErbsPalsyHeroes campaign deserves to be recognised for their personal achievements, and so we’d like to take this time to say “well done” to:

  • Rhys, age 13
  • Jessica, age 10
  • Lyla, age 4
  • Evelyn, age 8
  • Dillon, age 8
  • Sophia, age 1
  • Theo, age 6
  • Lewis, age 1
  • Cody, age 9
  • Nathan, age 3
  • Grace, age 6
  • Daisy, age 4

Thank you to everyone who nominated their #ErbsPalsyHero and for helping to raise awareness of Erb’s Palsy during the official awareness week.

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