Can we guess what is stopping you from making your will? In this article we challenge 5 of the main reasons people chose not to make a will:

1. They are expensive

Many people believe will writing is expensive. This is not necessarily the case. Depending on your circumstances, most individuals and families are able to have relatively simple wills.  At Ison Harrison we believe wills should be as simple and straightforward as possible. This is reflected in our fees. We charge £125 + VAT for a simple single will and £175 + VAT for a simple mirror will (for couples).

2. It is difficult to talk about dying

For many people, death is an uncomfortable and taboo subject. People may fear that they are ‘tempting fate’ by talking about wills. Alternatively, they may put off writing a will if they are unsure of the best and fairest way to leave their assets, particularly if they have children from a previous relationship. At Ison Harrison we offer free half hour consultations to discuss your circumstances and explore different options to find one that best suits you.

3. I’m too young to think about a will

Lots of people consider themselves too young to think about making a will. The sad reality is, you never know when you might die and it is important to make sure your loved ones are provided for. In particular, young families could benefit from having a will in place to address important issues such as inheritance and guardianship for your children.

4. It will go to my partner anyway

One of the biggest myths surrounding death is that your partner will automatically inherit. Cohabitants, unmarried partners and common law spouses are not legally recognised under the rules of intestacy. It is therefore vital to create a will if you wish to ensure that your partner is financially provided for.

5. DIY wills are just as good as professional wills

Another common myth is that DIY wills or services used by will writers are of the same standard as the service offered by professionals. Unfortunately this is not the case. Simple errors, uncertainty in drafting and failing to dispose of ones entire estate could all lead to your will being invalid. This can lead to a number of difficulties and disputes for your family later down the line.

Will writing is quick, simple and cost effective. Speak to one of our experts on 01904 917 980 or email

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