She had worked as a cleaner at a commercial cleaning company. She was carrying a tray of mugs into the kitchen when she tripped on a mat that had been placed on top of the kitchen carpet. She fell head first into a work surface.

She fractured three of her teeth in the fall and had to undergo a treatment plan to have them extracted and replaced with acrylic dentures. She also lost a filling and suffered cuts and bruising on her face and upper lip.

She needed to make 15 separate visits to the dentist before the treatment was complete. During that time she found it difficult to eat and would not leave her house unless it was absolutely necessary.

The company had already been warned that the mat could be a tripping hazard but had not taken any steps to solve the problem. The woman claimed the company had been neglig
ent in failing to do something about the mat after it had been warned.

The cleaning company admitted liability and the woman was awarded £12,760 compensation.

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