Employment Advice for Sports Clubs

No matter your size, whether you are a professional organisation or an up-and-coming semi-professional club, it is important you obtain the correct legal advice when signing players and staff.

Smaller, local clubs like cricket clubs or golf clubs, are often owned and ran by its members. However it is important to note that they are still held to the same standard as any other conventional employer. Too often clubs find themselves in tribunal purely because they do not know their obligations as employers. Tribunal claims can be costly, particularly when discrimination claims are made, and large tribunal claims could cause the dissolution of the club.

Therefore it is vital that clubs try to prevent claims being made, and ensure that they are fully aware of their obligations as employers. If you are a professional club, and are looking for assistance with a players contract, we can also assist in drafting contracts, and advising on the implications of the terms within them.

Our dynamic, forward-thinking team are here to help with any of your sports employment queries. Big or small, our team can provide specialist advice in relation to all your employment law issues.

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