What is no-fault divorce?

Prior to April 2022 a separating couple had to show evidence of one party within the marriage being to blame for the relationship breaking down (if the parties hadn’t been separated for two or more years). This meant that to proceed with a divorce there needed to be evidence of adultery or unreasonable behaviour. In many cases, neither of these factors applied and the marriage had simply ended naturally and on good terms, with neither partner specifically to blame.

The no-fault divorce now allows a couple to file for a divorce together, and without having to apportion blame. This means that a separating couple can work with family law solicitors like Ison Harrison to make suitable childcare arrangements and divide money, assets and possessions harmoniously and agreeably, and without unnecessary friction.

How can Ison Harrison help with your no fault divorce?

Ison Harrison are one of the largest family law solicitors in Yorkshire, and we have a specialist team of experts to help with your no-fault divorce. We understand that this is a difficult and stressful period of sadness and reflection, even where a relationship has broken down in a cordial and amicable way.

We will show compassion and empathy and negotiate complex issues to resolve matters in the interests of all parties. Where children are involved this is particularly important, as we have seen many cases over the years where a bitter and acrimonious divorce can have long-term psychological effects. The no-fault divorce seeks to minimise any resentment and recriminations to make the process as smooth as possible, and we have the emotional skills to further assist in making that journey as stress-free and cordial as possible.

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Our experience and expertise in family law matters makes us the number one choice across the Yorkshire region. We have a central presence in all the major towns and cities in Yorkshire and have become a vital resource on family law matters for local people seeking legal assistance with Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Nullity and Judicial Separation, Cohabitant’s rights and disputes, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Domestic abuse, Private and Public Children Law matters and Grandparents’ rights.

The no-fault divorce is in UK law from April 2022 and we have specialist expertise to help you take advantage of the benefits a no-fault divorce can offer.

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