This year marks the 20th Year of Baby Loss Awareness Week in the UK.

Ison Harrison wish to share their support for family, friends, colleagues and clients as they use this week to remember their much loved and missed babies and break the silence around baby loss.

Baby Loss Awareness Day in the UK was started by a group of parents in October 2002. Through the sale of handmade blue and pink ribbon pins they raised several thousand pounds for UK organisations supporting bereaved parents and the campaign has continued to grow each year.

Alongside the work they do on bereavement, many of the charities involved work every day to prevent baby and infant deaths, pregnancy loss and maternal deaths.

What is the aim of Baby Loss Awareness Week?

  • First and foremost it’s a time to come together to support bereaved parents and families as they commemorate their babies’ lives and lost pregnancies.
  • It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss. To share stories and break the silence that surrounds pregnancy and baby loss, which is often a taboo subject.
  • To drive change and improvements in care and support for anyone affected and in the prevention of pregnancy and baby loss.

How can you get involved?

There are a number of things you can do to get involved and show your support such as:

  • Reach out and share your support to someone you know
  • Share your story, what helped and what didn’t to raise awareness
  • Go Pink and Blue – A number of buildings and landmarks will be turning pink and blue with lighting, you can join them at home by lighting up your own home or garden, wearing pink and blue clothing or using candles and decorations.
  • Purchase and wear a blue and pink remembrance ribbon.
  • Join the global “Wave of Light” at 7pm on 15/10/2022 by lighting a candle and leaving it burning for at least one hour to remember all babies that have died too soon. Take a photo and share it on social media.
  • Find and attend an event
  • Purchase merchandise or make a donation

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