Around 12 million Britons are ‘sleepwalking’ towards a dementia crisis because they have taken no steps in appointing a lasting power of attorney (LPA), according to a recent report.

An LPA ensures your wishes are looked after in the event of you losing mental capacity in later life, by appointing a trusted person to control your affairs. However, a report published by Solicitors for the Elderly has warned that around 12 million Britons have not planned ahead in this manner, and furthermore, these same people are at high risk of being diagnosed with dementia, as a sharp increase in dementia sufferers and diagnoses is also being reported.

As a result of these concerns over an upcoming ‘incapacity crisis’, a coalition of concerned organisations has come together to promote and address this shortfall. Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society are among leading organisations who have identified the published report as a major concern.

Why making A Lasting Power Of Attorney Is Important

Research shows that 12.8 million people over the age of 65 are currently at risk of developing dementia, and yet there are only 928,000 registered LPAs in existence in the UK. Furthermore, it is believed that only one third of people of any age have made any provision for later life, in the form of a valid will or appointing an LPA, so it is clear to see that the problem could quickly grow worse.

The published report puts into stark context the manner in which many people are leaving important developments to chance. It is widely felt that discussing plans for when you pass, or develop debilitating health, is something we don’t wish to discuss. However, at Ison Harrison we prefer to look at it in a more positive way.

Partner and Wills and Probate expert, Dominic Mackenzie commented:

We believe this is an important and empowering conversation,whereby you are looking after your welfare in later life and giving your loved ones the power to make decisions. You are putting into place measures that ensure your loved ones inherit what you always wanted them to. In other words, you are giving them the power to fulfil your lasting wishes when you are no longer able to.

We’re here to Help You

The process of assigning a lasting power of attorney and indeed for making a Will, is far simpler than most people imagine. We need basic information to get things started, it being a simple process. It is possible to be specific over which decisions an appointed LPA is able to make and you are also not restricted over who you can appoint. Your LPA can be your spouse, a family member, a friend, your partner or civil partner or a professional person. Indeed, you can appoint more than one LPA.

At Ison Harrison, we advise you to take the important step of controlling your future and that of your loved ones, by contacting our wills and probate department today. We can talk you through the process of making a will and/or appointing an LPA, and ensure you are doing your bit to help yourself, your family and loved ones and to address Britain’s alarming incapacity crisis.

There are ridiculous fees being charged for what is normally a simple process. Our charges start from £250 plus vat. To arrange, please call us on 0113 284 5086 or alternateively

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