Ison Harrison successfully recovered substantial damages on behalf of a young girl whose nerve was damaged at birth causing a form of palsy in her shoulder. This condition is known as Erb’s Palsy. During the antenatal period, it was noted that she was a large baby. Despite this, her mother’s labour progressed well until such time as her head was delivered.  The midwives then experienced problems with delivering the baby’s shoulders.  It was alleged that the midwife inserted her hands inside the mother and pulled with enough force to pull the mother half way down the bed.

The medical experts we instructed in the case concluded that in pulling so hard, the midwife had caused damage to the plexus nerve.

The experts instructed on behalf of the hospital did not agree with their conclusion.

Despite this, we were able to successfully recover a sum of £375,000 on behalf of the young girl which will provide for her future care needs and any items of expenditure she may need as she grows older.  This successful outcome provides reassurance to not only the girl herself, but her parents who have worked tirelessly in ensuring that their daughter’s needs were met.

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