We’ve recently become aware of a new tactic from the Home Office in checking up on people who are reliant on their family relationships for their legal status in the UK.

Immigration Officers seem to be not only making house calls to make sure people live with who they say they do, but knocking on neighbours’ doors and asking them about it too.

Perhaps there’s nothing too sinister about this in theory, but it leaves the system open to undue influence from less friendly neighbours, who could take this as a chance to get next door back for an overhanging branch or, worse still, just don’t like a foreigner living next door.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to have such a level of grassing up of friends and neighbours as part of immigration policy for the country. It is reminiscent of the vans which toured London last year with posters emblazoned on the sides inviting people to “Go Home”, which the Government were quickly forced to withdraw and apologise for.

The Government is clearly looking to help from others as they continue to struggle with the numbers of immigrants living outside the law in the UK, but hunting migrant neighbourhoods where the majority can be living entirely lawfully is a poor way to resolve the issue.

If you’re concerned about the Home Office and whether you need help with your own or a friend’s immigration status in view of these visits, you’re welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

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