Ison Harrison is one of only three law firms in England and Wales recommended by the Erb’s Palsy Group – a national charity – and they are joining forces to promote Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week, running from 26th June.

The Clinical Negligence team of Ison Harrison, headed by James Thompson, specialises in Erb’s Palsy cases, and indeed, James himself is the only Erb’s Palsy Group Panel recommended solicitor based in the North of England so the firm is taking a special interest in promoting the condition and doing all it can to help families affected by it.

What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s Palsy is a traumatic birth disorder which affects one in 1800 newborn babies. Its alternative name is Brachial Plexus Paralysis and it is the result of an injury that can occur during the birth process. The main cause is traction / force during birth that can permanently damage nerves in the undeveloped baby and leave paralysis in the neck, shoulder, arm, fingers or all of these.

Erb’s Palsy Specialist Solicitors

Ison Harrison’s Clinical Negligence Department deals with all types of clinical negligence cases, but is particularly experienced in cases where life-changing injuries have occurred, such as Erb’s Palsy. James Thompson’s expertise has resulted in many successful cases.

Erb’s Palsy cases are extremely emotional and stressful for the families involved, and it takes particular skill and expertise, as an acting solicitor, to recognise this and deal with it compassionately. The standards of care expected from clinicians has changed over the years and establishing what should have been provided in 1993 compared to say 2001 can be very technical. As a result James and other members of the team form a strong bond with the clients and Ison Harrison does all it can to support the families and help to ensure their lives are as normal as possible, while working to secure a suitable settlement.

Ison Harrison is extremely proud of its exclusive status as an Erb’s palsy specialist and staff from all 12 of the company’s regional offices are taking part in Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week, which runs from 26th June to 2nd July. We are spreading the message so that families are better prepared if they receive the news that their baby is affected by this condition, and we are also fundraising for the Erb’s Palsy Group in the form of bake sales, donations and prize raffles. Anyone that purchases a cake will be entered into a prize draw to win a large hamper of goodies.

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