Today we are very proud to announce the launch of a video that we have sponsored for the Erb’s Palsy Group, in association with the PROMPT Maternity Foundation. The video is “Better Care at Birth Costs Less” and it details how Erb’s Palsy injuries can be prevented through better maternity training.

In the latter part of 2018, the Erb’s Palsy Group advised us that they were looking to create an animation video to highlight the impact of Erb’s Palsy on families and how, with better maternity safety training, debilitating injuries at birth can be prevented.

Having a close relationship with the Erb’s Palsy Group, we fully backed the video creation idea and supported getting this underway, making a donation to fund the video. After a couple of months of storyboarding and working out an animation process, the video was completed just a few days ago and we can now do the big reveal!

Watch the video:

Through a gentle animation, the video describes what an Erb’s Palsy sufferer might feel and how the impact of a birth injury can impact on an individual’s way of life, from eating to dressing themselves. They also have to rely heavily on other people, be it family members or friends, to support them through life. Erb’s Palsy can be a debilitating injury and the video clearly highlights this.

The video advises that, through evidence-based maternity training, childbirth can be safer, save money and increase the life chances and wellbeing of hundreds of newborn babies and their families. It is predicted that, through economic modelling, avoiding birth injuries over the next 30 years will result in savings of over £1billion.

At Ison Harrison, we fully support the video’s message that “Better Care at Birth Costs Less” and we believe that this new video from the Erb’s Palsy Group and the PROMPT Maternity Foundation is a great way to highlight the need for evidence-based maternity training and its many benefits.

About The Erb’s Palsy Group

The Erb’s Palsy Group is the only UK based organisation offering support and advice to individuals and families affected by Erb’s Palsy.  Our Head of Clinical Negligence, James Thompson, is the Erb’s Palsy Group’s only recommended legal professional in the North of England who specialises in Erb’s Palsy cases and as a Yorkshire law firm we have worked with the Erb’s Palsy Group for a number of years. For more information please visit

About The PROMPT Maternity Foundation

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation is an independent charity offering training and research to reduce preventable harm for mothers and their babies. They provide a multi-professional training programme which was first introduced to the North Bristol NHS Trust and has provided a valuable case study for supporting this maternity training across other NHS Trusts. For more information please visit

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