We recently took part in a #SolicitorChat on Twitter to discuss personal injury claims in the winter, advising on how the claim process works and what information a solicitor needs in order to help you make a claim.

Read our answers below and please contact us if you would like any further information about the personal injury claim process.

Do you notice a rise in personal injury claims during the winter months?

We do notice a rise in personal injury claims during the winter months.  This is mainly due to bad weather resulting in more RTAs and slipping accidents.

Talk us through the process of making a personal injury claim.

We take full details of your case either over the phone, at your home or at one of our offices.  You will then be assigned a lawyer with specialist expertise in your case.  We will submit your claim to the Defendants and request an admission of liability. Providing your case has reasonable prospects of success, we will then arrange any rehabilitation and obtain medical expert evidence detailing your injury.  We will then value your claim and submit your evidence to the Defendants.

If the Defendants do not come forward with reasonable settlement proposals we progress the case to trial if necessary.

What information will your solicitor need you to provide if you need to make a personal injury claim?

We shall require your details and details of the Defendant.  We shall also require details of your accident and injuries.

If an accident is caused by bad weather, what are your rights when it comes to making a personal injury claim?

Whilst bad weather can play a part in the cause of an accident, people must adapt their driving to take into account the weather and take steps to protect employees and members of the public from the dangers of adverse weather.

Who is responsible for making sure public areas are safe in icy conditions?

The Local Authority is responsible to maintain the highways and public footpaths.

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