Have you received a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service, stating your conviction may be unsafe?

We have been approached by clients who have been affected by the Randox scandal in which one of their operators had allegedly manipulated some of the data which led to potentially unsafe convictions.

It is understood that more than 10,000 criminal convictions may have been affected by alleged manipulation at the Randox forensics lab that analysed evidence of drug driving, violent crime, sexual offences and unexplained deaths.

We have had sight of one letter from the Crown Prosecution Service who has stated that the results of the toxicology test are not reliable and have suggested that our client applies to the Court to have the conviction re-opened and at that stage the Crown Prosecution Service would not oppose and ask that the charge be withdrawn.

If you have received a similar letter from the Crown Prosecution Service then the first step will be to seek to have the conviction overturned by contacting our Mr Ghaz Iqbal in our Criminal Defence team directly on 0113 200 7743 or by email on Ghaz.Iqbal@harrisonbundey.co.uk.

For many; the overturning of the criminal conviction is unlikely to be sufficient.

They may have received a custodial sentence; a fine and/or community service; there is likely to have been a loss of reputation; they could have lost their job as a direct result of the conviction; in the cases of drug driving they may have lost their licence and/or suffered increased insurance costs.

Mr Simon Helliwell will consider the compensatory element of such claims (usually on a no win no fee basis) and he can be contacted directly on 0113 2845048 or by email on simon.helliwell@isonharrison.co.uk.

Read more at: The Guardian

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