It is coming to the time of year when we start to think about tasks that we may have been putting off during previous months. One such task is that of making a Will.

It’s not surprising – thinking about your Will may seem morbid and unnecessary. Lucy Holt, a Solicitor in our Wills and Probate department, examines here why it’s a task well worth undertaking.

Why do I need a Will?

Your Will tells people what you want to happen to your money, possessions and property after you die, and quite simply, if you don’t leave a Will then your estate may not be dealt with as you would wish.

8 benefits of making a Will through a solicitor

A valid Will ensures:

  1. Everything will be distributed in line with your wishes;
  2. You can instruct people as to your wishes for burial, cremation and other funeral arrangements;
  3. You can instruct on who should become the legal guardian of your children;
  4. You can advise on whether you wish your organs to be donated;
  5. Your family may have to pay less Inheritance Tax on the value of property and money you leave;
  6. Children and other family who are dependent on you financially will be looked after. The law does not automatically include them in an estate’s distribution,
  7. Items, money and property you wish to leave to people outside your immediate family will be distributed in accordance with your wishes;
  8. Using a solicitor is usually cheap and straightforward. It means that you will be given the correct advice, that the Will is valid and that your intentions will be met in the event of your death. Where people make home-made wills incorrectly it often leads to problems on death- these are expensive and sometimes not possible to fix. The costs for such matters can run into thousands of pounds so it is obviously wise to avoid this by taking professional advice now.

If you have no valid Will, the law of intestacy applies. A common assumption is that everything will pass to your spouse or partner, but this is not the case, and there are strict rules which govern what they would receive.

Wills and Probate professionals in Leeds

Our Wills and Probate Department has over 40 years’ of experience in the Will-making process and we hold one of the largest Will banks in Yorkshire. At Ison Harrison we have the professional expertise to make the process easy for you. Call 0113 284 5000 today to arrange your appointment.

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