Yorkshire police arrest 55 men in child sex abuse investigation, after seven women made historical allegations

Police arrested 55 men as part of an investigation into historical allegations of child sexual abuse in Dewsbury, Batley and Bradford areas between 2002 and 2009. The men were recently interviewed and released pending further inquiries.

DI Ian Thornes leads the investigation, and urges victims to come forward:

We have teams of specialist safeguarding units across each district in West Yorkshire, which include police officers dedicated to dealing with both current and non-recent child abuse and child sexual exploitation.

Graham Roberts has specialised in Personal Injury work for the past 18 years, recovering substantial damages, including a number of high value cases. Graham comments:

It seems that child sex exploitation has only been taken seriously by the authorities in recent years. Why is a mystery, when risks were appreciated, and measures to protect children undertaken as far back as 1920. Month after month we now learn of another child sex ring. This particular investigation mentioned in Yorkshire, ended only 10 years ago.

We must learn how to protect our children and act now. If you are worried about a child there are a number of organisations who will listen to your concerns and signpost to help that child and take the batten over from you, in confidence.

If you are concerned about a child, a good place to start is the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.

We have to change the culture of silence to stop abuse now. If you were abused as a child, there are also procedures and support systems available to you. If you have been affected by abuse we can help you to claim compensation for your ordeal and meet the costs of invaluable psychological help.

Call Graham Roberts on 0113 284 5141 or alternatively email graham.roberts@isonharrison.co.uk

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