Essential Legal Advice for Buying & Selling Flats


  • Checking the title to the property;
  • Reviewing the lease and advising you as to the terms of the lease, including any restrictions, regulations or covenants that may impact your intended use of the property
  • Confirming to you the level of service charge and ground rent payable
  • Raising any applicable legal enquiries with the seller’s solicitors
  • Issuing to you a full property report with documentation for signature
  • Serving the required notices on the Landlord and any Management Company following completion


  • Preparing draft contracts and issuing these ( plus all supporting documentation), to your buyer’s solicitor;
  • Responding to all enquiries raised by your buyer’s solicitors
  • Liaising with you as to any apportionments of service charge and ground rentthat may be owed;
  • Carrying out the exchange of contracts and obtaining mortgage redemption figures;
  • Redeeming any mortgages in force, and sending you any balance monies as applicable