Conveyancing Advice for Buying and Selling Houses

The process of buying and selling houses can involve many obstacles and unforeseen issues which can delay the process, but our experience and industry know-how means we have an impressive record of negotiating transactions to completion- and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

We take care of all aspects including:


  • Checking the title to the property, issuing enquiries and submitting searches
  • If you are buying with the aid of a Mortgage, comply with any terms and conditions and draw down the mortgage funds for completion;
  • Preparing a full property report advising you on the results of searches and our legal enquiries
  • Requesting from you your 10% deposit required to exchange contracts
  • Exchanging contracts
  • Finalising completion including the drawdown of your mortgage monies, requesting any balance from you, the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax and the registration of the property into your name


  • Preparing draft contracts and issuing these, plus all supporting documentation, to your buyer’s solicitor;
  • Receiving and dealing with the buyer’s solicitors legal enquiries with your assistance
  • Carrying out the exchange of contracts and obtaining mortgage redemption figures;
  • Redeeming any mortgages in force, and sending you any balance monies as applicable.

At all times we ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with how the transaction is progressing, and keep you up-to-date with what your options are. It is important to remember that until contracts are exchange either party may withdraw from the transaction so we aim to ensure you are completely happy to proceed at all times.