Driving Without Insurance Solicitors

If you are found to be driving without any valid insurance covering your vehicle, you will instantly be found guilty of the offence due to the offence of driving without insurance being an ‘Absolute Offence’.

If you mistakenly believed that the vehicle you were driving was covered under a valid insurance you cannot raise this as a Defence. This will be viewed as a mistaken belief and unfortunately will not provide any grounds for a defence. However, there is the statutory defence of driving during the course of your employment without insurance subject to being informed by your employer that you were driving with valid insurance.

The offence carries a mandatory 6 penalty point endorsement and can carry a fine of up to £5,000 and can lead to disqualification. However, it is possible to defend against this offence in specific circumstances, such as; where the police’s computer systems where not up to date, where you had valid insurance under a company policy or another individual’s insurance policy and the police where not aware of this at the time of detaining you. These are known as special reasons and can be raised in your defence in order to avoid license endorsements.

If you allow someone to drive your vehicle when you are aware that they do not have insurance, this is also an offence and if charged with this offence you could face the same penalties as if you were driving the vehicle without insurance.

Ghaz Iqbal has successfully argued special reasons in these types of cases.

We are here to help and advice you in the circumstances where you have been charged with the offence of driving without insurance.If you would like any more information do not hesitate to contact our road traffic offence specialist Ghaz Iqbal on 0113 200 7413.