How do I avoid disqualification?

A driver can be disqualified in a number of ways:

  • Mandatory disqualification – a number of drink driving offences carry mandatory disqualification and this is indicative of the Court’s view of drink related driving offences. Provisions do exist, however, where the Court will allow the term of disqualification to be reduced.
  • Discretionary disqualification – the Courts have a great deal of discretion where the road traffic offence committed results in a license incurring penalty points and these can be used to your advantage in order to reduce or even avoid a disqualification.
  • Totting up procedure – This is the most common type of disqualification to drivers and other road users. For further information click here.

I live several miles away, is this a problem?

In one word, no. We are able to assist you wherever you live. Contact Ison Harrison now on 0113 200 7413.

Who will be dealing with my case?

Your case will be personally dealt with throughout its entirety by Ghaz Iqbal, a Partner within our Criminal Law Department. Ghaz provides legal advice that is second to none and specialises in providing advice relating to road traffic offences. Ghaz has a high success rate in relation all the road traffic matter he has conducted. If you live away from Leeds, do not worry, Ghaz represents clients all over the country. You can speak to Ghaz directly by telephoning Ison Harrison today on 0113 200 7413.

Do I accept the speed awareness course?

Subject to eligibility, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course. If you attend the speed awareness course you will avoid your license becoming endorsed with penalty points, or avoid your license incurring further penalty points if you have committed a previous motoring offence.

If you accept the offer of a speed awareness course you will also avoid paying a £100 fine, however, the costs of the course generally range from around £70-£80.