Ison Harrison has a long association with the Erb’s Palsy Group (EPG) and has worked tirelessly over the years to promote research work into Erb’s Palsy and support families and individuals with the condition. We are proud to have been identified and recommended as an Erb’s Palsy specialist solicitors by the EPG, and this has resulted in a close working relationship which has helped us deliver dedicated and high-quality legal and emotional support where it is needed.

Our commitment to EPG means we are delighted to be able to support 2019’s Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week.

What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s Palsy is a traumatic birth disorder which affects one in 1800 new-born babies, and is the result of an injury that can occur during the birth process. Its alternative name is Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury or Paralysis and the most common cause is excessive traction or force applied to a baby’s head during birth if they have become stuck. This can permanently damage nerves in the undeveloped baby and leave paralysis in the neck, shoulder, arm, fingers or all of these.

Our experience as an Erb’s Palsy specialist solicitors

Ison Harrison has developed as an Erb’s Palsy specialist through the expertise of James Thompson, who heads up our clinical negligence department. Of course, we deal with all types of clinical negligence cases, but we are particularly experienced in cases where life-changing injuries have occurred, such as Erb’s Palsy. The experience that James Thompson has in this area has resulted in us pursuing many successful cases. In fact, Ison Harrison is the only recognised law firm in the North recommended by the Erb’s Palsy Group.

Erb’s Palsy cases require specialist legal knowledge.  They are complex and need to be judged against the standards which prevailed at the time.  The relevant medicine and law continues to evolve and it is essential that such cases are in experienced hands. It can also be extremely emotional and stressful for the families involved.  Mums and Dads carry a huge emotional burden when their child has been injured and will often blame themselves when the reality as to who or what is responsible for is never them. It therefore requires a particular level of skill and compassion to be the acting solicitor and to deal with the challenging journey that a legal case can involve.

As a natural by-product of this process we form a very strong bond with our clients, and we recognise that the support required in some situations extends far beyond simply pursuing a legal case. We do all we can to support the families and help to ensure their lives are as normal as possible, while working to secure a suitable settlement. And in times of desperate need, we work to take the emotional strain of the legal matters away from the families.

Our work in support of Erb’s Palsy

In between our annual support for the Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week, we continue our work with the EPG and fulfil our commitment, through James Thompson, to provide specialist help and assistance where it is required. In the last 12 months alone, we have:

  1. Attended the EPG 25th Year anniversary ball.
  2. Supported the EPG as one of our ‘Big 40’ charities in conjunction with the Ison Harrison 40th anniversary celebrations.
  3. Assisted the EPG with the publishing and printing of a “New Parent” booklet.
  4. We co-sponsored the making of a video for the EPG, in association with the PROMPT Maternity Foundation. The video is “Better Care at Birth Costs Less” and it details how Erb’s Palsy injuries can be prevented through better maternity training.
  5. We sponsored the EPG Yorkshire get together on 23/03/2019 which was held at Kexborough Methodist Church in Barnsley.

Supporting Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week

Ison Harrison is extremely proud of our relationship with the EPG and their members and we are looking forward to supporting Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week this year. Keep an eye on our social media channels for all our activities throughout the week, in support of the Erb’s Palsy Group.

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