Experts in Title Splitting

Title splitting is the process of dividing the title of one property and creating multiple units. This allows the newly created units to be sold on or re-financed, depending on which route is most suitable for you.

Title splitting can range from selling part of your garden for future development, to large scale divisions of a multi-let buildings.

It often involves the creation of new leases or the transfer of part of a freehold title. The title split process can apply to residential, commercial or mixed-use premises (e.g. a commercial unit with residential flats above). It may also include option agreements, sale and leasebacks and creations of management companies.

Title splitting is often seen as a complex or problematic process as:

  • You cannot sell/transfer of part of the freehold or granted a lease to yourself;
  • Some solicitors and mortgage brokers are unfamiliar with the process and there not able to assist or provide appropriate advise; and
  • Poor preparation or issues on the grant of the lease or transfers can have an impact on the marketability or saleability of your property.

Why Choose Ison Harrison?

Understanding the process – at Ison Harrison we have specialists who deal with the title splitting process on a regular basis. Whether this is splitting title on the acquisition of a property or as part of the re-financing of an existing property, maximising your income/profit.
Teamwork – we recognise the importance of liaising with other professional services. During the title split process we will often need to speak with Accountants, Stamp Duty Specialists and VAT experts. We will also work closely with other teams at Ison Harrison, to make sure our advice is tailored to your needs.
Wide range of skills – Our specialist knowledge in Acquisitions, Leases, Re-Financing/Secured Lending and Creation of Management Companies means that we have all the skills required to enable you to Title Split and avoid the problems often encountered when splitting titles.

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