Option Agreement Legal Advice

Option Agreements are agreements whereby investors will purchase land or property subject to certain conditions being met, ordinarily planning permission.

At Ison Harrison Solicitors we act for a number of property investors and clients who are looking for development and investment opportunities whereby will advise on the provisions of the ‘option’ and how and when this is to be exercised.

Option Agreements can involve a number of practical and legal issues which need careful consideration and expert advice from lawyers who understand the possible pitfalls with such agreements, how to avoid these pitfalls and also how to account for delays in planning

We also act for sellers who are looking to sell property under an Option Agreement and can provide practical and legal advice around such arrangements and how to avoid having property tied up in long, complex agreements without longstop dates to conclude the transaction.

If you are considering entering into an Option Agreement or require advice around the process of buying a property under an Option Agreement, do not hesitate to contact Ison Harrison Solicitors for friendly, commercial advice designed to look after your interests and needs.

Whatever your needs or queries, we are here to help. To discuss option agreements, please contact Richard Coulthard on 0113 2845095.