Essential Legal Advice for Business Start Ups

Establishing your own company and your own brand can be an extremely exciting time, but for new businesses it is very easy to lose track of fundamentally important legal tasks that need to be carried out. These are tasks which can affect the business in the short, medium and long term.

How Ison Harrison can help your business start up

Ison Harrison have a team of experts who can speak to you individually about your business. It is important that we understand your experience, your business structure and the ambitions you have laid out in your business plan, so that we can advise on the crucial steps you need to take. This advice is tailored to an agreed remit so that we can give trusted professional advice on what you need to do for your new business to be legally sound and in a position to grow.

Typical legal steps for a start-up business

Of course some of these topics and actions will be less relevant depending on the size and structure of your business. But typically, we offer the following advice to people starting out on the exciting journey of owning their own business:

  • Deciding on the best formal structure for your business: i.e. freelancing, sole trader, partnership or private limited company;
  • Companies House: finding an available name and registering the business if you are a private limited company;
  • Drafting Articles of Association and/or Shareholder Agreements as your internal ‘company rule book’
  • Appointing directors and formally recording this;
  • Issuing shares to raise capital and registering shareholders;
  • Applying for trademarks and patents and the costs/time involved;
  • Drafting ‘terms and conditions’ for your product or service to define clear rights for both parties and liability when things go wrong;
  • Data protection responsibilities;
  • Employment Law responsibilities: this involves a whole range of considerations if you are employing people straight away- amongst the elements you need to look at are statutory leave and sick pay, HMRC tax registration, employee liability insurance, health and safety policies and equal opportunities policies.


How much will the fees be?

It is not possible to give one set fee as our advice takes account of your individual circumstances. Fixed fees however are available for most situations and we take account of the value of the transaction to ensure our fees are proportionate to the issues involved.

Do you offer an initial free consultation?

Yes we do; either face to face at one of our offices or via a telephone conference as you prefer.

For confidential, tailored advice contact our experienced Company and Commercial team today on 0113 284 5000.