Legal Advice for Buying a Company

Buying a business or shares in a company could be one of the most important things you ever do. It can be a stressful time as there are likely to be aspects of the process that you are unfamiliar with and important considerations to be made.

Instructing expert legal advisors on such transactions is essential to ensure your interests are protected and to avoid long term and potentially significant risks.

At Ison Harrison, our specialist and highly experienced team will advise on all aspects of buying a business. Some key considerations that must be made when purchasing a business and that our team will advise on include:

  • Commercial considerations: What kind of business do you want to purchase? Is there potential for growth in the market in which the business operates? Do you understand how the business was valuedand are you getting a fair deal? How do you plan to grow the business in upcoming years?
  • Due diligence: Our solicitors will carry out careful due diligence in order to analyse the risks associated with the transaction and provide you with advice on the legal and practical implications.
  • Warranties and indemnities: These can be vital in protecting your interests when purchasing a business. Negotiating warranties and indemnities can be a tricky stage of the transaction but Ison Harrison’s commercial and practical approach will ensure that delays and disputes are kept at a minimum.
  • Restrictive covenants: These will be one of the main ways of protecting the goodwill of the business as a buyer.
  • Employees: You may have responsibilities to the existing staff of a business. Our team can help guide you through any employment law and HR issues relevant to the deal.

Ison Harrison prides itself on excellent communication and expert advice. Recent purchases completed by our commercial experts range from small local business and shops to companies with multi-million pound turnovers.Our wealth of experience will mean that we are well placed to advise you on the wide range of matters concerning a business purchase.

To discuss buying a business, please contact Richard Coulthard on 0113 2845095.

Legally Speaking Podcast

In this podcast episode, Partner & Head of Corporate Richard Coulthard  discusses the process of buying and selling businesses with some essential tips and advice.

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