Legal Advice for Selling a Company

At Ison Harrison we understand that selling your business is often the culmination of years of hard work. Selling a business can be a simple process but sometimes it can be very complex and there will be a multitude of factors to consider. This process can be stressful but we provide the legal and practical support to help ensure it runs smoothly.

Our corporate team has extensive experience in advising business owners in all aspects of the sale, from the early stages of the deal through to a successful exit. Our team can help with:

  • Preparation: There can be quite a lot of preparation involved in getting the business ready and attractive for sale, such as getting paperwork and accounts in order.
  • The Deal: We aim to help business owners realise the full potential of the asset they have created. We will help ensure that the sale is structured and financed in a way that suits you.
  • Disclosure: Our team are highly experienced in carrying out effective disclosure in order to mitigate the potential for any future claims. We will prepare a Disclosure Letter for you and assist in dealing with any business enquiries raised by the Seller.
  • Contract negotiation: It’s important to negotiate the contractual sale documents in a way that will protect your interests and business needs.We will advise as to the correct type of agreements required and draft these for you.
  • Warranties: We will advise you regarding the warranty provisions in an agreement and continued obligations you may have going forward;
  • Deferred Consideration: In some deals, consideration may be paid over a period of time. As a Seller, you need protection to ensure that you are paid the money owed to you and in some cases, it may be necessary to consider obtaining appropriate security such as a legal charge on property or a debenture on the company.

We will advise you of your options.

Whatever your needs or queries, we are here to help. To discuss selling your business, please contact Richard Coulthard on 0113 2845095.

Legally Speaking Podcast

In this podcast episode, Partner & Head of Corporate Richard Coulthard  discusses the process of buying and selling businesses with some essential tips and advice.

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