Get Expert Help With The Drafting of Contracts

During the course of business, businesses can have need for bespoke contracts to document relationships with clients, suppliers and third parties. It is imperative that such contracts are drafted bespoke to the circumstances of the individual agreement.

This is important so that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations but also to avoid disputes arising in future should the parties disagree as to their obligations and liabilities under the contract.

We act for businesses across a number of sectors including property investors and can advise on negotiating contracts, drafting the terms and advising on the potential risks of the contract.

Common contracts we draft include:

  • Commercial Loan Agreements where businesses loan money between companies. This can be common where business owners seek to move money from one business they own to another.
  • Joint Venture Agreements or Collaboration Agreements where two or more businesses contract together for a mutual aim or benefit, often with the business sharing the rewards or success of the venture. This is particularly common in property investment where tradesman and investors may work collaboratively to develop a property or portfolio.
  • Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements where parties are seeking to negotiate a contract or relationship where it is necessary to disclosure confidential or sensitive information prior to entering an agreement.
  • Agency or Services Agreements where individuals or businesses are to provide services on behalf of another business. It is key that these contracts properly document the liabilities of each party.
  • Settlement Agreements where businesses are seeking to resolve a dispute and want to ensure that this is bound within a contract.
  • Marketing or Sponsorship Agreements where businesses want to market their services but want to ensure an appropriate return on investment and that both parties are fulfilling the obligations under the contract.

How We Can Help

Whether you want us to draft a contract or advise on a contract you have received, our Expert Contract Lawyers can assist in all manner of drafting, negotiating and advising businesses on contractual relationships.

Often we can act on a Fixed Fee basis.

At Ison Harrison we are specialist business solicitors, with a wide range of experience and can assist in all manner of contractual relationships you are considering entering into.