Business Legal Advice on Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or Selling a Business needs careful thought and planning to ensure the success of the transaction, not just in terms of the transaction completed but also in terms of the longer term benefits and aims of the parties.

Many transactions involve legal, financial and tax issues which need to be considered and discussed. It is therefore imperative that you engage experienced and trusted advisors at an early stage, regardless of whether you are buying, selling or merging a business.

Ison Harrison Solicitors advise business owners on a wide range of matters relating to Mergers and Acquisitions including:

  • Buying or Selling Shares in a Business;
  • Buying or Selling Assets in a Business;
  • Corporate re-finance or restructuring;
  • Selling part of a business;
  • Selling or buying property within a business structure;
  • Due Diligence for transactions;
  • Warranties and claims for breach of warranties;
  • Deferred Consideration and Earn Out periods;
  • Protecting business owners in respect of personal guarantees and novation of agreements or liabilities;
  • TUPE;
  • Ownership disputes and owner exits from a business

Many Mergers or Acquisitions involve advice across a wide range of legal disciplines including Corporate, Commercial, Employment and Property. Ison Harrison Solicitors have extensive expertise across all of these areas and are expertly placed across Yorkshire to advise businesses of all sizes of the matters to consider.

Whether your aim is to grow your business by acquiring other competitors, whether you are new to business and looking to acquire an existing business or whether you are looking to sell your business and move on to another venture or retirement, we can provide expert, tailored advice to help you achieve your goals.

If you require further advice, please contact Richard Coulthard on 0113 2845095.

Legally Speaking Podcast

In this podcast episode, Partner & Head of Corporate Richard Coulthard  discusses the process of buying and selling businesses with some essential tips and advice.

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