Immigration Detention & Bail Advice

If you or a loved one have been detained by the immigration services, or you’re being threatened with deportation after being convicted of a criminal offence, we can help you understand your situation and advise you on what can be done to improve it.

We have specialists in bail applications who can take you through the process of getting out of the prison or detention centre, to or help you fight to keep you in the UK.

The current Government have made clear statements about their intentions to rid the UK of foreign criminals but in almost all cases there is a chance to show that approach isn’t always right and we take pride in fighting for people when it may feel like the whole country is against them.

Legal Aid is still available for some limited cases and we are happy to provide legal advice and assistance on that scheme whenever we can, subject to the restrictions on Legal Aid contracts. Please be aware that if we haven’t acted for a client in detention previously it is unlikely we will be able to provide assistance on Legal Aid.

Where Legal Aid isn’t available, it’s not possible to give a fixed fee to cover all cases like these because each case is different, but if you need help, get in touch with us and in most cases we can agree a fixed fee for your individual case.

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