Have You Been Refused a Taxi License?

At Ison Harrison, we are able to provide legal advice should you be refused a private hire license or a hackney carriage license by the Public Carriage Office or your local authority.

The government provides best practice guidance in relation to  private hire vehicle licensing and the process in which licenses are granted. The guidance aims to protect the public, and so any applicant applying for a license will need to satisfy a ‘suitability’ test in order to be granted a license. In order to satisfy this test, any past convictions and the duration in which you have held a driving license will be considered. An enhanced disclosure will also be conducted and reviewed when considered your application.

Taxi drivers working in the United Kingdom are some of the most regulated. The law relating to private hire vehicle licensing is extremely complex and in order to be provided with the correct advice, you need to speak to a specialist solicitor.

Usually, you will only have 21 days within which to appeal a decision of refusal. If you fail to file an appeal within this time, it could result to an automatic rejection of your appeal when it is subsequently submitted.

Should you have any questions relating to a refusal of a private hire vehicle license or wish to be provided with legal advice, you can speak to a member of our team on 0113 284 5062 and they will be happy to assist with any queries that you may have.