Regulatory Advice – Fraud & Financial Crime

Investigations into financial crime are rising, as authorities and police have more power to look into potential financial offences.

Fraud and financial crime usually generates a dishonest amount of wealth for those engaged in the misconduct. Alternatively, an individual may engage in deceit to secure financial benefit for another. It is likely that investigation will take place if financial mismanagement or dealing is suspected.

Criminal investigations into financial crime and fraud can involve:

  • Interview under caution
  • Being forced to hand over documents or information
  • Home and offices being searched
  • Property seized from home or offices
  • Electronic devices seized and searched
  • Restraint orders or property freezing orders against personal and company assets
  • Charged with criminal offence
  • Prosecution in the Magistrates’ or Crown courts
  • On conviction, assets taken and ordered to pay the costs of court case

Financial crime commonly covers the following offences:

  • fraud
  • electronic crime
  • money laundering
  • terrorist financing
  • bribery and corruption
  • market abuse and insider dealing
  • information security

We at Ison Harrison have specialists in this complex area of criminal law. We will work alongside our public law and civil fraud departments to offer a full service, navigating through any regulatory issue that may arise during your defence.