Financial Crime

Financial crime is a wide-ranging area covering everything from opportunistic fraud carried out by employees in financial services, to wholesale attacks on the sector by organised criminal gangs. It is an area of law which continually evolves as the authorities adapt to an ever changing landscape brought about by technological advances and the opportunities (legal and illegal), created by the likes of block chain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

With a wealth of experience in the industry Ian Anderson leads the regulatory team at Ison Harrison. Ian’s previous successes include securing not guilty verdicts in a £170m worldwide money laundering case, a £10m ‘Ponzi’ fraud, and in an offshore tax / money laundering conspiracy. Ian is assisted by Amber Walker who worked alongside him in ensuring that a recent conspiracy to defraud case involving 9 defendants at the Mold Crown Court ended with a not guilty verdict for Ison Harrison’s client.

Ian is currently instructed in a civil fraud matter brought by the FCA, an area in which he is hoping to continue to develop his expertise. Amber is building up her experience in dealing with complex Proceeds of Crime Act cases and is currently working on a £50m counterfeiting and money laundering investigation.

If the police, HMRC or your employers wish to speak with you about an investigation, or you have been charged with an offence and you face court proceedings, it’s vital to seek specialist and expert legal advice. We recommend early intervention to begin proactively defending your position.