Legal Advice for Allegations of Conspiracy

In law a conspiracy is simply an agreement between two or more people to carry out a criminal act. The specific crime, (for example the murder), doesn’t actually have to be committed by all of the people who agree to it. It can be enough for the prosecution to prove that was an agreement between a network of people who all played a role of some kind and knew that a murder was likely to result. The same rationale applies if the offence is conspiracy to defraud, or cheat the revenue, or launder the proceeds of crime. If you agree to take part in something that you know is a crime, even if the role you play is a peripheral one, you can be found guilty of conspiracy.

It is for that reason, that it is sometimes known as “the prosecutor’s darling”. Once the general agreement is proven, whether in court or by one of the conspirators admitting to it, then a conspiracy charge can be very difficult to fight.

If you are under investigation for a conspiracy offence It is essential to instruct a team with experience in conspiracy cases.

Fighting a conspiracy case should start with a carefully thought out tactic at the first interview under caution. Cases can be won and lost at an early stage and in conspiracy matters it is very important to tread carefully in terms of who you know, what you know and when you gained that knowledge. Relationships, communications and state of mind are key. You should always bear in mind that the investigators are seeking to prove agreement, knowledge and intention and that the way that the first interview is dealt with can be critical later on in an investigation.

The team at Ison Harrison will advise on:

  • Advice and assistance at any interview under caution (voluntary or under arrest)
  • Post-interview submissions and pre-charge representations
  • Post charge advice
  • Bail and bail variations
  • Restraint orders and variations
  • Representation at court
  • Proactive defence
  • Mitigation and sentencing
  • Appeals against conviction or sentence
  • Confiscation proceedings